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The Lowestoft Boat. Rudyard Kipling

In Lowestoft a boat was laid,
Mark well what I do say!
And she was built for the herring-trade,
But she has gone a-rovin′, a-rovin′, a-rovin′,
The Lord knows where!

They gave her Government coal to burn,
And a Q.F. gun at bow and stern,
And sent her out a-rovin′, etc.

Her skipper was mate of a bucko ship
Which always killed one man per trip,
So he is used to rovin′, etc.

Her mate was skipper of a chapel in Wales,
And so he fights in topper and tails,
Religi-ous tho′ rovin′, etc.

Her engineer is fifty-eight,′
So he′s prepared to meet his fate,
Which ain′t unlikely rovin′, etc.

Her leading-stoker′s seventeen,
So he don′t know what the Judgments mean,
Unless he cops ′em rovin′, etc.

Her cook was chef in the Lost Dogs′ Home,
Mark well what I do say!
And I′m sorry for Fritz when they all come
A-rovin′, a-rovin′, a-roarin′ and a-rovin′,
Round the North Sea rovin′,
The Lord knows where!

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