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Aesop's Fable "THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE". Illustration by Arthur Rackham

A Hare was one day making fun of a Tortoise for being so slow upon his feet. "Wait a bit," said the Tortoise; "I′ll run a race with you, and I′ll wager that I win." "Oh, well," replied the Hare, who was much amused at the idea, "let′s try and see"; and it was soon agreed that the fox should set a course for them, and be the judge. When the time came both started off together, but the Hare was soon so far ahead that he thought he might as well have a rest: so down he lay and fell fast asleep. Meanwhile the Tortoise kept plodding on, and in time reached the goal. At last the Hare woke up with a start, and dashed on at his fastest, but only to find that the Tortoise had already won the race.

Slow and steady wins the race.

THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE. Ernest Griset (1843-1907)

THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE. Ernest Griset (1843-1907)

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