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Aesop's Fable "THE FIR-TREE AND THE BRAMBLE". Illustration by Arthur Rackham

A Fir-tree was boasting to a Bramble, and said, somewhat contemptuously, "You poor creature, you are of no use whatever. Now, look at me: I am useful for all sorts of things, particularly when men build houses; they can′t do without me then." But the Bramble replied, "Ah, that′s all very well: but you wait till they come with axes and saws to cut you down, and then you′ll wish you were a Bramble and not a Fir."

Better poverty without a care than wealth with its many obligations.

THE FIR-TREE AND THE BRAMBLE. Ernest Griset (1843-1907)

THE FIR-TREE AND THE BRAMBLE. Ernest Griset (1843-1907)

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