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The Landau. Rudyard Kipling

There was a landau deep and wide,
Cushioned for Sleep′s own self to sit on,
The glory of the country-side
From Tanner′s End to Marlow Ditton.
John of the broad and brandied cheek
 (Well I recall its eau-de-vie hues! )
Drove staid Sir Ralph five days a week
At speeds which we considered Jehu′s....

But now′ poor John sleeps very sound,
And neither hears nor smells the fuss
Of the young Squire′s nine-hundred-pound,
Er-Mors communis omnibus.
And I who in my daily stroll
Observe the reckless chauffeur crowd her,
Laudator temporis, extol
The times before the Act allowed her.

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