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To Thomas Moore. Lord Byron

My boat is on the shore,
And my bark is on the sea;
But, before I go, Tom Moore,
Here′s a double health to thee!

Here′s a sigh to those who love me,
And a smile to those who hate;
And, whatever sky′s above me,
Here′s a heart for every fate.

Though the ocean roar around me,
Yet it still shall bear me on;
Though a desert should surround me,
It hath springs that may be won.

Were′t the last drop in the well,
As I gasp′d upon the brink,
Ere my fainting spirit fell,
′Tis to thee that I would drink.

With that water, as this wine,
The libation I would pour
Should be-peace with thine and mine,
And a health to thee, Tom Moore!

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