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TO EMMA. Friedrich Schiller


   Far away, where darkness reigneth,
    All my dreams of bliss are flown;
   Yet with love my gaze remaineth
    Fixed on one fair star alone. 
   But, alas! that star so bright
   Sheds no lustre save by night.

   If in slumbers ending never,
    Gloomy death had sealed thine eyes,
   Thou hadst lived in memory ever-
    Thou hadst lived still in my sighs;
   But, alas! in light thou livest-
   To my love no answer givest!

   Can the sweet hopes love once cherished
    Emma, can they transient prove? 
   What has passed away and perished-
    Emma, say, can that be love? 
   That bright flame of heavenly birth-
    Can it die like things of earth?

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