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LIGHT AND WARMTH. Friedrich Schiller


   In cheerful faith that fears no ill
    The good man doth the world begin;
   And dreams that all without shall still
    Reflect the trusting soul within. 
   Warm with the noble vows of youth,
   Hallowing his true arm to the truth;

   Yet is the littleness of all
    So soon to sad experience shown,
   That crowds but teach him to recall
    And centre thought on self alone;
   Till love, no more, emotion knows,
   And the heart freezes to repose.

   Alas! though truth may light bestow,
    Not always warmth the beams impart,
   Blest he who gains the boon to know,
    Nor buys the knowledge with the heart. 
   For warmth and light a blessing both to be,
   Feel as the enthusiast-as the world-wise see.

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