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GERMAN FAITH. Friedrich Schiller


   Once for the sceptre of Germany, fought with Bavarian Louis
    Frederick, of Hapsburg descent, both being called to the throne. 
   But the envious fortune of war delivered the Austrian
    Into the hands of the foe, who overcame him in fight. 
   With the throne he purchased his freedom, pledging his honor
    For the victor to draw ’gainst his own people his sword;
   But what he vowed when in chains, when free he could not accomplish,
    So, of his own free accord, put on his fetters again. 
   Deeply moved, his foe embraced him,-and from thenceforward
    As a friend with a friend, pledged they the cup at the feast;
   Arm-in-arm, the princes on one couch slumbered together. 
    While a still bloodier hate severed the nations apart. 
   ’Gainst the army of Frederick Louis now went, and behind him
    Left the foe he had fought, over Bavaria to watch. 
   “Ay, it is true!  ’Tis really true!  I have it in writing!”
    Thus did the Pontifex cry, when he first heard of the news.

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