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BREADTH AND DEPTH. Friedrich Schiller


   Full many a shining wit one sees,
    With tongue on all things well conversing;
   The what can charm, the what can please,
    In every nice detail rehearsing. 
   Their raptures so transport the college,
   It seems one honeymoon of knowledge.

   Yet out they go in silence where
    They whilom held their learned prate;
   Ah! he who would achieve the fair,
    Or sow the embryo of the great,
   Must hoard-to wait the ripening hour-
   In the least point the loftiest power.

   With wanton boughs and pranksome hues,
    Aloft in air aspires the stem;
   The glittering leaves inhale the dews,
    But fruits are not concealed in them. 
   From the small kernel’s undiscerned repose
   The oak that lords it o’er the forest grows.

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