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Euryalus. Edith Wharton

UPWARD we went by fields of asphodel,
Leaving Ortygia′s moat-bound walls below;
By orchards, where the wind-flowers′ drifted snow
Lay lightly heaped upon the turf′s light swell;
By gardens, whence upon the wayside fell
Jasmine and rose in April′s overflow;
Till, winding up in Epipolae′s wide brow,
We reached at last the lonely citadel.

There, on the ruined rampart climbing high,
We sat and dreamed among the browsing sheep,
Until we heard the trumpet′s startled cry
Waking a clang of arms about the keep,
And seaward saw, with rapt foreboding eye,
The sails of Athens whiten on the deep.

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